About Us

ESTATE SALES BY NANCY – BASE OF OPERATIONS – Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Nancy got her start about 28 years ago by helping a lady , who at that time, was doing sales.She was a business owner and only did this part time. It only took me a couple of sales when I feel in love with it. I know then that I would be having my own business.

My family and I got started then and we’re just a small family involved in what we enjoy doing and consider it fun and not a job. When we started, it also was part time. We’ve gained experience over the years with having done so many and such a various assortment of kinds of sales, I’m proud to say how pleased I am with where we are today.

You know me as Nancy King and in April, 2013, I married Fred and I’m now Nancy King Chadwick. Over the years you’ve seen my Daughter Christie, grandson Clint, my son Charlie and his wife Mary helping me. You also remember Juanita (Hancock) and Ben (Sartin), our dear friends who have departed, but absolutely, not forgotten.

Besides loving this business, I have had “Grannies Antiques” for a while, had retail experience in Antique Malls, both working in them and having booths, EBay Sales, Craig’s List sales, worked in Auctions, Appraisals, Estate Sales, Downsizing/Moving Sales, and have given people advice on how and what would be best for them. Since we’ve covered all these categories, I guess they feel we have “Been there, done that” sort of thing, with assurance of our qualifications.

I’ve been asked by people, “Why do you go to all that trouble to do a sale?” My answer is simply, “It’s the only way.” There is a lot of work on a properly executed Estate or other kind of Sale. People don’t realize how much work goes into getting a sale ready. We actually pick up and touch every single item in the house, and maybe garage, basement and or outdoor building. It takes time and knowledge and that’s where all the experience comes in. WE JUST KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

We have to keep current on pricing, researching sales, closeouts, discount stores, read sale papers, check retail outlets, doing all the internet searching We’re always looking and watching, in order to be correct with our sale prices. I have actually called in another professional appraiser to get information I could not find in all my researching. I feel this gives us an advantage. The more we know, the more we GROW.

Our goal is for each of our sales to be successful. You can only do that by being professional and producing your best for your clients. If that means “We go to all that trouble to do a sale” that’s exactly what we will do.

Over the years, we have had so many Happy, Satisfied Customers who can confirm “A Job Well Done” by us.

I have had clients who lived out of state and needed our services to liquidate their estate, no problem. I’ve done several without them even having to come to town. We communicate via phone, email and mail. Works great, so don’t worry about needing the service and living out of town, that is no problem. We take care of everything, from start to finsih. Our motto is “Let Us Do All The Work and Worry for You.”

We are very proud of the fact that we take such pride in our sales. We treat a sale as if it were our own, keeping the respect to the family who has hired us. When clients hire us to handle their sales, they put their trust in us and we are very grateful for their confidence and consider it a priviledge to be able to take care of their needs.

If you have a need for an Estate Sale, Moving/Downsizing Sale (or just advise) please call me @ 865-437-8684.

I “Thank You” and May God Bless